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Soda Bottle Reindeer

Oh Deer! 
The soda bottle reindeer are ready to make their appearance at my daughter's
'Oh Deer! She's 13!' Party. 


I'm sure you've seen these reindeer bottles before,
but have you ever made them?

It's quite easy to whip these little 'deeries' up...
and of course, color coordinate them to match your table décor!

Use any soda bottle (glass or plastic), in any size.


-soda bottles (we used mini plastic ones)
-brown pipe cleaners (for antlers)

-mini poms (for noses)
-googly eyes
-paper straws


Shape the antlers, first.

1.  Use one pipe cleaner, centered on the bottle.
Twist it twice to secure.
2. Curl the ends up.
3.  Cut 2 (1 inch) pieces of pipe cleaner. 
Twist each little piece around the curled piece.
4.  Trim pieces if desired.

Adhere the noses.
Use hot glue or glue dots.


 Adhere the eyes.
Place these features up high on the neck of the bottle.

Tie on a ribbon that color coordinates with your party.
Slip in a matching straw.  Quick and easy.

Quite the addition to any table.

Click here for the deer bottles I made for Valentine's Day last year.



  1. "13" already! My, where has time gone? Love how you decorated the bottles.

  2. You have outdone yourself with the cuteness! LOVE this!