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Crafting on Q13 Fox News!

Welcome Q13 Readers!
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If you're a reader of Michelle Paige and didn't hear the news...
I was invited on Q13 Fox News-Seattle show to share some holiday crafts.

Click here to watch the segment.

Video segment is too longer has a link, sorry.

Whew, that was fast!
Here's a few more instructions.
1. Using plain paper, tape together pieces to make a runner for your table.  Make it as wide and as long as you'd like.
2.  Print out 25+ pictures at your local Kodak Picture Kiosk.  Print pictures in different sizes.
(You may want to try making a photo runner with black and white pictures.)
3.  Glue pictures down to the paper table runner.  Overlap and let the pictures hang off the edge of the paper.  Cover all the holes with pictures. 
4.  Place photo table runner down the center of your table.  Set table with glassware for easy viewing.
(I made my photo table runner with pictures from many Christmas celebrations.  Another idea would be to make one for a birthday party, with pictures of the birthday person through the years.)

1.  Purchase charm frames at your local craft store or online.  (I found these at Ben Franklin in Redmond, WA.)
2.  Gather strong craft glue, wire hoop earrings, and chunky beads.
3.  At the Kodak Picture Kiosk, zoom into your selected pictures to get a close up head shot.  Print out using 'mini prints'.  (Go to collage on kiosk, to find mini prints.)
4.  Trim picture to fit charm frame.  Glue picture into frame.
5.  Cover the picture with a clear epoxy sticker included with the frame.
6.  Thread charm frame and beads onto wire hoop earring.  Place around the stem of a glass or mug.

1.  Unwrap large candy canes.  Place in gallon sized Ziploc.  Crush candy canes into little pieces.
2.  Unwrap mini candy canes and stick one into each large size marshmallow.
3.  Melt chocolate in microwave or in crockpot.
4.  Using the candy cane as a handle, dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate.  Let drip for a second or two.
5.  Place dipped marshmallow into crushed candy canes to cover.
6.  Place on waxed paper to harden.
Dip candies in hot cocoa or eat plain.

1.  Using a wide roll of wrapping paper, cover a wall from 6 feet tall to the ground.  Use masking tape, tacks or Command hooks to hold the paper up.  (You could also use a large sheet or material.)
2.  Gather props to go with your party theme.  (Empty frames, hats, mustaches, silly glasses, etc.)

3.  Snap pictures of each party guest.

**Thank you Q13 Fox and Kodak for this fun opportunity. 
Happy Crafting!


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  1. So very exciting, Michelle! I look forward to viewing the link!

  2. How awesome!!! I love all of your great ideas! We all love to look at pictures, and what a fun ways to use them. Those charm frames are too cute! Way to go girlfriend!! xoxo

  3. Michelle, you are a natural!! So fantastic, woot, woot!! I see many more tv segments in you future! Congratulations friend!!

  4. Again congrats on your feature. Also, you shared some very fun ideas that you don't need to be a Martha Stewart to do. Great job.

  5. Thanks for the link - you did wonderfully! So fun to see you on camera!

  6. Wow - you are famous!
    You did a wonderful job - I hope you become a regular on there - you looked so confident and well spoken - yey!