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Top 10 Posts of Michelle Paige

It's crazy that I've been blogging for almost 3 years, now!  3 years?  Where has the time gone?
Blogging is still a hobby that I enjoy.  This 'hobby' has taken me places I never imagined for myself.  Blogger meet ups, a morning news appearance, local magazine articles, featured parties, and many new blogging friends-- met through the internet. 

Thank you to all who have supported me and continually read my blog.  I love sharing creative ideas, crafts and parties that happen in my life.  I especially love the comments, feedback and when others let me know they've used my ideas.  Thank you, friends!
2013 was a very interesting blogging year.
 I posted less this year as I tried to find a balance of family time and hobby time.  I'm usually happy with the balance...but it does make for some very inconsistent blogging.
I changed up my email last January, which resulted in me losing my domain name of  By the time I figured it out, someone had bought it and now runs the domain with a dummy site.  I'm back to and along the way I lost a lot of readers and a lot of broken Pinterest links.  Nevertheless...I'm still blogging and enjoying it.  Crafty gifts and parties seem to be what I'm best least that's what my top ten posts reveal.

Here are the top posts of Michelle Paige in 2013.

I was very surprised that so many readers enjoyed this valentine cookie idea. 
I enjoyed crafting this up for the kid's teachers. Using royal icing is a bit tedious, but the results are worth every extra minute! 

#9: Printable Easter Favors
These little Easter tags were a favorite of mine.  I used them as tags, place card markers and on cards.
It was very fun to see that others enjoyed them as well.


#8: StarBURST Valentines
I was so surprised that this post was popular.
I have to admit, those Starburst jellybeans do taste amazing!

#7: Time Themed Bridal Shower
I always love a themed party.  This bridal shower was a blast!
So many 'time' puns, 'time' scriptures and 'time-themed' games allowed this church party to come together easily.

#6: Top 10 Things to Buy the Day After Christmas
Last year I was laughed at when I mentioned I shop the day after Christmas.  The mocking person said, "Why would you go shopping the day after Christmas?  It's just junk and no one needs more Christmas candy!"
...I'm thinking about sending them this post.

#5: Rustic Wedding Reception
My first time decorating for a wedding reception.  What a big job I took on! 
So thankful it all worked out!  Whew!  Did I mention that it was the hottest day of the year in Seattle?!

#4: Mother's Day Tea Party BrunchThis year's Mother's Day was fancy!  Lace, china, tea cups, flowers and more.  The weather was gorgeous, which helped make everything look beautiful in the pictures.

#3: Sunday School Craft-  Shield of Faith
I'm guessing this was popular due to many churches having a medieval knight theme for their Vacation Bible School.

#2: Cheer Up Gifts
A good friend of mine had to deal with some tough stuff at the beginning of 2013.  This little gift was the least I could do to show I cared.  So glad others were inspired as well.  Here's wishing my friend a much better year!

#1 Most viewed post of 2013.
This party was for my 11 year old.  He loved helping me plan it.
The surprise hit of the party was my 'BOOM' bomb cake and the red streamer 'laser course'.
The boys kept wanting to challenge themselves to get through the lasers without touching them. 
The cake was made from a sports ball cake mold and covered with marshmallow fondant.  Thankfully, it turned out just the way my kid wanted it!


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Thanks for reading!  Happy New Year!



  1. You had a wonderful year! I enjoyed seeing all these because while I was baking that baby I totally slept through half of 2013 and missed a lot on bloggieland. That wedding you did was absolutely gorgeous and it's no surprise that your son's spy party was so popular-you did such a fab job on it! Cheers to new and exciting things for you in 2014!

  2. What great posts! You have such adorable ideas! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful New Years!