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Marshmallow Reindeer Activity

Need a cute activity for the kids? 

How about some marshmallow reindeer creating?
Gather up the supplies:
-stick and twisty pretzels
-licorice ropes (Twizzlers Pull and Peel)
-red hot candies, mini chocolate chips, Sixlets, etc.
-decorating icing

Use toothpicks to make reindeer bodies.
If toothpick is too long, trim down with a pair of scissors.

Stick pretzels make great reindeer legs.
Twisty pretzels are perfect for antlers.
Break apart and stick them in the marshmallow.

Use decorating icing as glue.
(Our local grocery store sells the icing or find at craft stores.)

'Glue' on the eyes and nose.

Mini candies work best!

Sixlets and Red Hots Candies make great noses.
Licorice ropes can make great scarf.
Let the creativity soar.
Of course you could make marshmallow snowmen, instead....
but this was a reindeer party.
Plus, those 12 and 13 year olds have to be challenged, right?

One reminder...
do expect that more candy will be eaten, instead of crafted with.
Have fun!
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1 comment :

  1. These reindeer are freaking awesome!! Even more awesome were all of the other reindeer treats and crafts you have are amazing woman! I have been the WORST at commenting since I had my babe...8 months ago ;) But I am here, and still so appreciative of all the darling stuff you are sharing. Have a great weekend Michelle!!