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5 Minute Picture Hurricane Light Gift

You're not going to believe this...
I've got a 5 minute gift for you to make. 
5 minutes and a trip to the craft store.
This gift is crazy-quick to assemble and perfect for grandmas or any other relative that loves pictures of your kids.

Take a look!

Taken straight from the pages of Family Fun magazine
Dec/Jan 2013 issue.
(Although, I can't seem to find a weblink for instructions.)

My mother, casually sent this article to me with a note that said, "Make me one of these for Christmas."  (Don't you just love it when moms tell you exactly what they want for Christmas?!  It sure takes the guess work out of shopping...and the surprise.  Anyways...)
I saved this project until the last minute...actually I forgot about it, and in the final hour of packing up to drive 5 hours to Grandma's house, I whipped it up with time to write a blog post!  Seriously!
Supplies Needed:

-A horizontal picture printed on an 8 x 10 sheet of vellum.
(Purchase vellum in a craft store. It's thin, translucent paper.
It can easily be put in your home printer and
printed with color or black and white.)
-A tall glass hurricane vase  (purchase at DollarStore or craft store.)

-regular tape

-candle or tealight
Trim your picture to fit the outside of the glass hurricane vase.
Tape the edge right onto the glass.
Wrap picture around the vase and add more tape to secure.
How's that for easy?
Drop in a candle or battery operated tea light.  That's it!
...If only every handmade gift ordered by my mom was this easy.

I'm actually loving this craft and now dreaming up more ways to use this idea...a New Year's tablescape?  Valentine's Day?  Hmm...

Merry  Christmas!
We're driving over the mountain passes and through the snow...
to grandma's house.  Don't worry we have Auto Socks!



  1. Wow! What a great gift! And it only took five minutes? Crazy good!

  2. Mother knows best Michelle! Very nice.