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Reindeer Bugle Bites

Oh Deer!
What do you get when you combine Bugle Corn Chips with
sour straw candies and chocolate?

Reindeer-- of course?!

Supplies used: 
Bugles Corn Chips
Scooby-Doo Sour Straws (found at Dollar Store)
Mini Chocolate Chips
Mini M&M's

 Use the Bugle chips that have a wide opening.
 Trim two sour straw candies to fit inside the bugle chip, as 'antlers'.
I cut on the diagonal (near the end) to get the candies to fit.
Melt a few chocolate chips and place into a Ziploc.
Snip the end to pipe on the chocolate 'glue'.
Two dots of chocolate hold the mini chocolate chips in place.
One large dot of chocolate holds the mini M&M in place.
The sour straw candies are wedged in tightly and don't need any chocolate to hold them.
We made all of our reindeer 'Rudolphs'...
but you could easily substitute the red noses for brown ones.
Stay tuned for even more deer cuteness as we get ready for my daughter's  Oh Deer!  She's 13!  Birthday Party.

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