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Black and White Dessert Party

Black and White Dessert Party to Say Goodbye to a Friend.

It's a new year around here and everyone is thinking about being fit and losing weight, right?  Well, not me.  I started the year off sick and I only want to eat comfort food and take naps right now. Eating smooth, dark chocolate cuddled up in my electric blanket sounds perfect.  I think I'll hop on the fitness band wagon after Valentine's Day?  We'll see?

Since you now know what's on my mind, I thought I'd finally share this Black and White Dessert Party I hosted in the fall. We wanted to gather some girlfriends together to say goodbye to a special friend who was leaving our community.

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Black and white is always my favorite party theme and so easy to pull off.  A simple black runner on a white table sets the canvas.  I accented everything with silver accessories and glassware.  Black chalkboard chargers are an easy base to put glass dishes on top of.  I have quite a collection of iron tiers to raise the food display to a higher level and make things look fancy.  Remember, height is your friend when displaying food.

Chocolate Ganache Torte from Trader's Joe's was requested by our guest of honor.  It was delicious!  Always, always serve fresh fruit at a Dessert Party.  Some guests do not or can not eat the sugary treats and you never want them to feel left out.  Fresh whole strawberries, cups of watermelon cubes with blueberries and cut cantaloupe made sure everyone could snack.

I used these inexpensive chalkboard signs to help guests identify the drink selection and sticker labels for guests to mark their glass.


And yes, we had a photo booth!  A simple black sheet with crepe paper, curling ribbon and a few black and white paper fan wheels provided a festive backdrop.

The guests were given instructions to have their photo taken with my daughter's INSTAX camera, (perfect, instant party pictures) and then craft up a 'miss you' note card using their picture and lots of washi tape!

I laid out all the supplies they needed and look at the creativity!

Our guest of honor was given a photo clip frame to display the notes on each day and think of us. My teenage son decided he wanted in on the action and made one that says... "Don't worry, I'll probably survive."  

We ended our party with gifts and going around the room sharing favorite memories of our time together.  

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  1. What a beautiful table and great party idea.

  2. That's such a wonderful sendoff! Also, I'm a geek for putting any and all desserts in coupe glasses. They always feel so much fancier.

  3. Thank you! I always love to style food in mini glass dishes for the fancy effect!