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Chocolate Chip Cookie Party

My dad loves cookies.
I remember learning how to make cookies as a young girl and having my dad tell me just how delicious they were...and then he would take another and another and another.  I felt so accomplished and proud knowing that the cookies I made were good tasting.  As a teenager I remember my mother asking me to make cookies for my dad.  Nowadays, dad doesn't go too crazy eating cookies, but he still looks around for a cookie after every meal. When my parents come to stay with us, I make sure I bake cookies for my dad and then pack him up a few for their 5 hour car ride home.
For his birthday party this year I thought why not have a cookie party--and more specifically his favorite cookies-- a chocolate chip cookie party.  This turned out to be so much fun.  Take a look!

**Weeks before the party, I always start with mapping out a plan and shopping list.  I'm in the process of making my party planning sheets available to my email subscribers.  Having a plan truly helps organize your party without being overwhelmed and forgetting things at the last minute.  (Be on the lookout for this.)

This party needed a table setting for 12.  I pushed together two tables to make 1 large table that seats 3 around every side. (In case you're wondering, I own 2 of these tables.)
Kraft paper and striped wrapping paper lined the center of the table.
Blue plates and cups added color.  

I printed guests names, food labels and a few fun quotes on paper cookies.  Click here to print your own cookies. 

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I love using glass plates on top of paper colored plates.  Each guests' name was printed on a cookie placed underneath their glass plate.  After the meal, the glass plates are removed and the paper plate underneath is used for dessert.

This Cookie Monster bib was perfect for the toddler joining our festivities.
(My folks (bless them) are emergency foster parents, so we often have babies and toddlers joining us for our many celebrations.  It sure adds to the fun!)


In the center of the table was the glass cookie jar filled with individual packages of Chips Ahoy.  I also picked up this cute blue clothespin frame from the Dollar Store.

Glass mini flares with small metal spoons were perfect for the Cookie Crisp cereal.  Some guests added milk to their cereal, others ate the cereal like candy.

More Cookie Crisps cereal was displayed in a big bowl with a metal scoop.  Glass milk bottles held milk with straws and take a look at that chocolate chip ice cream cake!

I baked up 4 pizza pan sized chocolate chip cookie pizzas and trimmed off the edges for a clean cut. (I made my own cookie dough with real butter and dark chocolate chips...because that's really the only way to do it--just sayin'.)

I then used 3 half gallons of (softened) chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for the layers and for the outside edges.
Melted dark chocolate was used to hand write 'Happy Birthday Grandpa' on the top of the cake. 

My family thought I was a bit deceptive by 'frosting' the outside of the cake with ice cream, making it look like solid ice cream. They wanted less cookie and more ice cream.  If I had to do it again I would probably only do 2 or 3 layers of cookie and more ice cream.  Nonetheless, it was still delicious and quite a showstopper!  The thing was HUGE!

We used the end of a sharp metal thermometer to dig holes in the frozen cake for the candles to stick in.

The only problem with an ice cream cake, is that you're very limited with the time you have to take pictures!  Don't melt on me!

For party favors I baked up some chocolate chip spoons.  The spoon pan came from here.  Although they turned out quite cute I thought they needed an added touch, so I dipped them in dark chocolate and bagged them up in cellophane bags tied with cording.

My dining room chalkboard read 'Happy Birthday' and the blue and brown 'GRANDPA' banner was reworked from this past party.

The cookie jar prop was made by my teenage son on styrofoam board.  It added some fun to the dessert table and was a great game for the kids...and adults.

We called the game 'Toss Your Cookies'.  We taped a shoebox to the back of the board and placed it on the stairs.  Each guest took turns tossing the cookies into the jar through the slit opening. Object: to get as many cookies as possible in the jar.  Of course my 'ultimate frisbee-loving kid' won this game.  To make the cookies we taped paper cookie cut outs to the top of plastic discs we found at the Dollar Store.

I also crafted (I'm using that term very loosely here) together a paper sack cookie pinata.  My family thought it looked like a potato.  (Can't win them all.)  I turned two paper sacks inside out to hide the lettering.  Stapled on 'chocolate chips and filled the bag with candy.  Packing tape sealed up the two bags and a hole was taped for strength.

We have the perfect tree for pinatas.  AH (Awesome Husband) draped the rope over a thick branch so he could move the pinata up and down.  This provided lots of fun (and frustration) but it actually allowed everyone a turn-- instead of the first person destroying the pinata.

And you know my parties have to have a photo booth!  For an instant backdrop (I was short on time) use Command hooks.  I love using fabric shower curtains, because they already have holes in them.  Just insert a metal book ring and hook them on the hooks.  If there are no holes in your fabric, use safety pins and book rings.
Taped up crepe paper and curling ribbon add color, but you could also use balloons, lanterns, paper fans, etc.  

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!  We love you!

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  1. What a great theme! Love the spoon pan (of course!). I love the idea of a giant chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. I might have to try that. And the toss the cookies is just too cute!

  2. Thanks Leah! I knew you would love that spoon pan!