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Printable Joke/Laugh Valentines

A to Z Valentine Printables

Welcome to my A to Z Valentine Printables.  26 days of Valentines--one for each letter of the alphabet.  Today is the Letter J.
J is for jokes...and laughs.

In case you don't already know, my family will tell you that my personality leans much more towards the serious side of things, than the funny side.  I'm not exactly someone who loves jokes and I never tell jokes.  However,  I do LOVE puns AND I happen to enjoy the 'corny elementary school jokes' that make everyone groan.  It's true.


Today I've rounded up a bunch of my favorite valentine jokes and laughter printables, starting with one of my own.

Joke Printable

Just print out the cards and staple on a piece of Laffy Taffy candy.
Easy and fun!

Joke Printable

I even came up with a non-candy option using wire and a tiny printable joke heart.

Joke Printable

Can you see that the heart is popping out of the mouth?

Joke Printable

For more pictures to see how this is made, 

watch this short You Tube clip.

Click here to print your own joke/laugh valentine.

Joke Printable

Here's some more ideas.

Free printable Valentine's Day school lunch jokes from Chickabug
Free Printable Valentine Lunch Box Jokes at

Valentine Jokes and Coupons
By Gluesticks

Hope you found a valentine that 'tickles' you!
Thanks for stopping by.

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Want even more ideas?  See my Valentine Vault of all valentines on michellepaigeblogs.

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