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Printable LEGO Valentines

You've reached my A to Z Valentine Printables.  Valentine ideas for each letter of the alphabet.  Today is the Letter L

L is for LEGO!  I'm sure you were thinking 'L' was going to be for LOVE, right?  I mean we're talking about valentines and all...but today is about Printable LEGO valentines.  Maybe your child is a LEGO lover like mine?  If so, read on because I've got some great LEGO valentine ideas for you!

Way back in my old blogging days when my kid was OBSESSED with everything LEGO, I crafted up a few LEGO valentines.
This one with minifigures was quite popular.

To view and print these valentines, click here.
To see my son's LEGO organization system, click here.

We also made this one.

Since then, I heard from a few readers that they would love to print valentines without using all their printer's colored ink.
So I crafted up these printables in black and white to make a color-in LEGO valentine.  

Click here to print your own LEGO color-in valentines.

You could easily attach a mini pack of crayons with these valentines as well as any LEGO toy, candy or treat.  Or follow these instructions to make your own LEGO shaped crayons.

How to EASILY remove paper wrappers from crayons and bake them into different shaped mold ... this is so simple that it's sort of genius!
Here's some LEGO toy ideas for you. (These are affiliate links to help you locate products.)

And here's some more LEGO printable valentine ideas for you, take a look.

Lego Free Printable Valentine Printables

LEGO Printable Valentines Day Card

Printable LEGO Valentines

Hope your day is filled with lots of building opportunities.


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Want even more ideas?  See my Valentine Vault of all valentines on michellepaigeblogs.

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