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Print Your Own Emoji Valentines

Hello! You've reached my A to Z Valentine Printables.  26 days of valentines--one for each letter of the alphabet.  Today is the Letter E.
E is for Emojis.  
When you communicate with 2 teenagers via texting, emojis appear constantly.  I try to keep up and communicate right back to them with numerous emojis, but my kids think I'm crazy.  It's like the teens have a secret emoji language that I just don't understand?

Meanwhile, AH (Awesome Husband) loves Bitmoji and it cracks me up every time one appears on my phone.  At least we're communicating in the same language!

When crafting up an emoji valentine, I tried hard to make it work for boys and girls and not be mushy.  Take a look.
(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.)

I found some adorable Lindt Emoji chocolates to attach to the back.  Just use a couple of rolled up pieces of tape.

or some emoji Eraserz for a non-candy treat.

To easily attach a round eraser or ball, use these mini plastic bags.  Leave them as is, or cut to size and staple the bags right to the cards.

Click here to print your own emoji valentines.
(These are not to be edited.  For best results, print on cardstock.)

Here's some emoji treats and toys that would work well with emoji valentines. (These are affiliate links to help you locate products.)

Here's some more printable emoji valentines.

Free Emoji Printable Valentines

emoji valentines

Download these FREE Printable Emoji Boxes for the gift or party decoration! I have ALL THE HEART EYES for these cute printables!

And I just had to share this from the cutest Emoji Baby Shower I've ever seen--by Paging Supermom

No. 2 Pencils LOL! Perfect Emoji Party Favor. Love all these ideas for an Emoji Party! via @PagingSupermom

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope your day is...


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