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Make Your Own Apple Slice Dipping Bar

Look what's on the blog today!  It's the perfect dessert!
An Apple Dippin' Bar. 
Apple sliceson a stick, dipped into warm and gooey caramel or dark chocolate, then sprinkled with all kinds of goodness!!  Mmmm!

Our friends ooohed and ahhed over this!  It's the perfect party dessert.  Bonus: it can all be set up ahead of time, guests can choose what they like, serve themselves...and it's fun!

Assemble an Apple Slice Dipping Bar!

Confession:  This dessert idea is so yummy, my family has continued having this treat for 7 days straight!  After I initially set it up for company, we just HAD to leave it all set up for us.  It's that's good! Trust me.

Fresh apples for an Apple Bar.

The key?  Apple slices.  Not whole apples, but slices--on a stick. Apple slices means much more dipping and sprinkling and pure goodness in every bite!  I love that guests can create their apple slices exactly they way they want them.  Whether that's loaded, lightly sprinkled or even (gasp!) plain. Yes, this dessert works for anyone, even those who don't 'do' dessert. (We recently had a guest that is avoiding processed worries, they had a plate of fresh apple slices and didn't feel left out.)

Here's how to create you own Apple Dippin' Bar. 
Dipping or Dippin' you decide...either way works!

Create your own Apple Dipping Bar.

First, find a space and make a sign.
Clear off a table, counter, console table, dresser, etc. This bar idea takes up a little bit of room, but it's worth it, I promise!

Make a sign. You'll need to tell people what's going on.  A simple chalkboard sign works great.  I decided not to write out the step-by-step directions, but you easily could.

DIY Apple Slice Dipping Bar

I chose to use the top of the dresser that we have in our dining room. I covered the top with some buffalo check fabric. I'm a big fan of red and black checked flannel!
I also crafted up a cute little banner using apple post-it notes, red cardstock circles, chalkboard clothespins and twine.
Fall decor for a dessert bar.

Other fun touches were using leaves, red votives, pinecones and whole apples to decorate the space.
Create a dipping bar with Little Warmers.  One for caramel, one for chocolate
I had two dipping choices for our apple bar.
Caramel and Dark Chocolate. 
(Another option would be a white chocolate. I only had two pots, so I stuck with two choices.)

To help you locate products I've included affiliate links.
I used this caramel and this chocolate, but any brand that melts easily could work.  (Yes, we buy an 11 pound brick of dark chocolate --it lasts us about a year.)
These Little Dipper Warmers work perfectly for this apple bar setup. You'll need to keep the dipping sauces warm, so make sure there is some heat source and an outlet nearby.  (These double crockpots with a warm setting work well,too.) 
I labeled each of the pots with these chalkboard tags and tied them on with twine. Do not put a paper tag on the pots--fire danger!

DIY Apple Slice Dipping Bar

I elevated my pots on rustic tiers that I've had forever.
Toppings were limited to 6 choices, since I only had 6 little dishes.  I found these little soy sauce dishes at Daiso Japan.
Chalkboard paper tags on toothpicks worked well to mark each topping choice.  I simply taped the toothpick onto the inside edge of each dish.
 Gather all kind of toppings for an Apple Dippin' Bar.

My toppings included:
-Mini chocolate chips
-Graham cracker crumbs
-Mini Mallow Bits
-Chopped nuts
-Shredded coconut
-Heath Bar Bits
Gather all kind of toppings for an Apple Dippin' Bar.
Gather all kind of toppings for an Apple Dippin' Bar.

Feel free to change up the toppings and do what you have and love.
One guest requested sea salt to sprinkle over the caramel!  Mmm!

Gather all kind of toppings for an Apple Dippin' Bar.

I have a set of these mini stainless spoons.  They get used all the time and they're perfect for this setup and the mini dishes.

Apple Dipping Bar

Slice the apples right before serving. I like to use this apple slicer/corer to help slice the apples quickly.
(I've read that apples placed in Sprite don't brown as fast, but I never like to have my apples taste like something different.)
Make a tiny little x on the end of the apple slice and insert the lollipop stick.

Apple Dipping Bar using Little Warmers from Crockpot.

Guests then dip their slices into the sauce of their choice.

Host an apple dipping bar.  Guests can make their own!

...and then start sprinkling to their heart's desire!  So many fun combinations to create. 
Buffalo checked paper plates add to the fun!  

Host an apple dipping bar.  Guests can make their own!

Well, what do you think?  Are you thinking an Apple Slice Dippin' Bar is in your near future?!
Yep, I thought so!

Click here to see the Caramel Apple Kit to give away.
Package up apples, caramel and toppings to give as gifts.

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  1. Yum, going to try this soon. Would be great to bring to a school or church as well.

    1. Thanks, Wendy! Yes, this could be a lot of fun at a church gathering!