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Cake for Mom!

I just finished making a birthday cake for my mom!  (Yes, it's her birthday and Mother's Day!)  Lots of celebrating around here!  Now, I'm not a master cake decorator like my super talented sister-in-law...have you seen her creations?  Click here, she's so amazing! 

My cake decorating skills are quite basic, however... I'm super excited how 'professional looking'  mom's cake turned out!  I'm completely, totally addicted to this kind of decorating called Cornelli Lace.  I found the idea online,
click here
Here's what I did... I made a double layer chocolate cake and frosted it with a white buttercream frosting.

My leftover frosting was tinted hot pink for the Cornelli Lace design. 

This pattern reminds me of my high school days, doodling on my folders.  It's super fun and easy!  All you do is use decorating tip #2 and start squiggling.  The one rule is...don't make your squiggles touch each other or overlap each other.  (Don't look too close, I broke the rules a few times on accident!)

 That's it!  Doesn't this look fun?!

The little balls are hot pink chocolate Sixlets. (They look a lot better than they taste!)  Next time, I think I'll use M & M's instead! 

After I finished mom's cake I couldn't stop myself and had to keep using my new frosting technique...on brownie pops!  Have you seen these fun things? 
All you do is bake brownies in the mold,


pop them out and add a lollipop stick... ta-da!
Now, what else can I find to decorate?

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. Such a pretty cake. Looks like she really liked it!
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  3. Beautiful cake! And all my high school stuff looked like this, too.