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Quick Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Gym teacher, Music teacher, Librarian, Principal, Counselor, Educational Assistants, all the support staff at my kids' school are being honored today.  Each student was asked to bring a card or note to their favorite support staff in the school.  To jazz up the card we added a 'U rock' paperweight rock in a cute little package.  Check it out.

Using my Cricut machine, I cut out black vinyl letters that spell 'U rock!'  The letters stuck nicely to the beach rocks my family collected.  Remember when I used these same rocks to weigh down my table decor at church?  Click here.

While I was making the rocks, the kids were making their teacher cards. I find that my kids make much nicer cards if I give them small-sized paper already cut and folded! (It took me years to figure this out!)

  The little white boxes are wedding favors that I found at the DollarTree.  Did you know that there is a wedding section at the dollar store?  Amazing! 

Using flowers and scraps of ribbon, we decorated each little favor box.  Inside we added paper shreds or tissue paper that matched the ribbons.

We stuck the 'U rock' rock on top.

Each one turned out a little bit different...perfect!  A big thank you to all those support people that make our school wonderful!
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  1. I just found your blog from frugalgirls (LOVED the jazzed up notecards btw) and now this! Michelle Paige, you are one awesome, creative, crafty lady!