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Mother's Day Celebration!

It's a Mother's Day Celebration at our place!

A fun color theme!  To see how I made the poms out of plastic tablecloths, Click here. 

 Notice I'm still using my Easter grass from this link Click here. 

A ladies photo shoot!
My mom-in-law (Nana), sister-in-law, daughter, me and my mom (Grandma).

Crazy kids table!

My adorable nephew!

Here's my lovely sister-in-law working on her dessert cream, homemade strawberry sauce, mint garnish with delicious cake pops!

Family shot.  (Yes, we tried to color coordinate with the party theme.)

Our annual gift for Nana and Grandma...stepping stones with the kids' handprints. (The kids' hands are getting so big, what will we do when their hands don't fit on the stones anymore?!  Bigger stones?)

Here's a look at just some of the stepping stones in Nana's collection! My sister-in-law has her kids 'stamp' their footprints.

Herb gardens for Grandma and Nana, too!  Did you see how I made these?  Click here.

Awww.  Kisses from my kids!
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Well, I missed seeing your mom at church on Sunday but am so glad that you were able to enjoy the weekend with her.

    Happy Mother's Day.


  2. We had a wonderful week-end, Buffy! Hope you did too! Thanks, Michelle