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Let's Go Junkin'!

This past Saturday I took my 'junk-lovin' friend, Kristen down to Puyallup, WA for the Funky Junk Sisters- Junk Salvation Event.  Trust me, this is so much fun!

Before you even enter the event, there were cute vintage trailers in the parking lot just waiting for you to peek inside.  This one was my favorite!

How adorable! (I think turquoise is becoming my new favorite color!?)

Here's a picture of my high school friend, Dixie.  She and her sister, Linda are the Funky Junk Sisters!  They set up these junk events inviting local vendors to come and sell their treasures and creations.  The Funky Junk Sisters have shows in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.....and (Dixie told me) maybe one coming up in Texas.

Once inside you'll see lots of vendors selling antiques, shabby chic decor, furniture, art, handmade items and so much more!

Beautiful displays!

Vintage papers and lace.

Lots of garden things.

Dried flowers

Real flowers.....isn't this clever?!  They cut out the seat of the chair and replaced it with a screen filled with soil and flowers.

Handmade jewelry.....this vendor displayed her creations on a magnetic chalkboard that she framed.  Those are vintage spools that she made into magnets.

Lots and lots of fun ideas!  These are salt shakers filled with glitter.

There were even some vintage trailers inside!

This one was full of their vintage clothing and jewelry.

I fell in love with this ruffly snap scarf that UrbanAnn made (isn't she cute!) I loved her booth!

So, after 4 hours of looking at everything, taking a short little lunch break and a side trip to the cash machine, both Kristen and I came home with a few treasures.  This one is an old window that I can't wait to fill with pictures and hang on my wall!

I picked up these painted candlestick pedestals to display from Primworks!  Love, Love the colors!

I have a great idea for this old bottle crate I found at JunqueSoiree.....I hope to post about it soon! 

I found some old scoops to add to my candy dishes. They'll be fun to use at parties.  I also bought a few little gifts to give away from Unique Creations by Jacqueline!

So....don't you think you want to join us next time?


  1. i have a friend who is an antique dealer and does all the funky junk sisters events. . . her booth is called "the garden cat"

    check out her blog:


  2. I checked out her blog, fun stuff! Maybe next time you'll want to join us junkin'? There's a show in October.

  3. Hi, Michelle! I'm Beth's junkin' friend Lisa. So nice to meet you. Love your blog!! What great ideas! How cool that you went to hs with Dixie! I really enjoy doing the Funky Junk Sister Vintage Markets -- the May show was my third FJS market -- Dixie and Linda are wonderful and I love seeing all my junkin' buddies as well as incredible Junkers like yourself. Next time please stop by and say, "Hey!"
    Peace, love, and all the good stuff to ya!

    Lisa The Garden Cat

  4. Lisa, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will totally look you up next time...will you be at the show in the fall?