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Printable Friendship Valentines

Our Friendship Grows Valentine

Creating Valentines is something I love to do. Often times the Valentines start with the gift I want to give. Such is the case here.

Seattle rains have been relentless and all I want is a touch a spring!  Greenery, growth, we're talking!

When I saw this black and white striped bowl with a succulent in it, I knew it needed a Valentine to go with it. Have you seen LiveTrends Designs?  Love them!
(affiliate link)

Brighten up a friend's day with a sweet 'growing' Valentine.

Print your own friendship valentines

Simply print out the Valentines.  Click here.

Make friendship valentines

Trim the Valentines into strips and fold in half. This allows you to make a card that you can write in. Of course, if you'd rather have a tag, just trim all the way around.

Washi tape with a straw on friendship valentine cards.

Tape a plastic straw or coffee stirrer to the back of the card and stick in the plant. Cut straw to the desired length. I love to use washi tape. (affiliate link)

Succulent friendship valentine

I even crafted up some Valentines to give the ladies at Bible Study. If you'd like to print these, click here.

DIY Christian Friendship Valentines

This Valentine is featured in my 10 Free Plant Printables for Valentine's Day.  

Want even more ideas?  See my Valentine Vault of all valentines on michellepaigeblogs.

...and take a look at my A to Z Valentines from last year.

Letter A- Apples
Letter B- Balls
Letter C- Cookies
Letter D- Donuts
Letter E- Emojis
Letter F- Frogs
Letter G- Gum
Letter H- Hearts
Letter I- Insects

Valentine Printables A to Z

Letter J- Jokes
Letter K- Kisses
Letter L- LEGO
Letter M- Money
Letter N- Nuts
Letter O- Office
Letter P- Popcorn
Letter Q- QT Pies
Letter R- Race Cars 

Valentine Printables A to Z

Letter S- Scripture
Letter T- Tic-Tac-Toe
Letter U- Unicorn
Letter V- Vader
Letter W- Whales
Letter X- X for Treasure
Letter Y- Yo-Yo
Letter Z - Zoo

Valentine Printables A to Z

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